Trouble Enjoying Your Waterfront Property?

Problems with water depth in your Texas canal or lakefront? Does the mud take the fun out of swimming? Can you navigate to your dock on anything but jet skis or rowboats? Soil erosion and noxious vegetation can fill your channel or lakeside and lower your property values. Sediment build-up in lakes and channels turns sport fishing, boating and water recreation unpleasant or impossible.

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Clean Channel Dredging Clears Where Others Cannot

Most sediment removal solutions are expensive, with dredges that are too bulky for narrow channels, and can damage shorelines and even lake beds. Using earth-moving equipment when lake levels are lowered for hydrilla abatement and dock maintenance is a common approach, but it’s inefficient and often causes other problems.

Narrow Channel

Narrow Channel

Clean Channel Dredging uses a hydraulic dredge only eight feet wide, the width/beam of a standard pontoon boat, so it can go where other systems cannot. Like a floating vacuum, this dredge removes sediment very precisely. The pontoon-mounted system weighs only about 3,500 pounds and is mounted on a trailer with a standard hitch tongue. Mobilization costs are a fraction of those of heavier machines, and there is typically no damage to the shoreline or tracks to be repaired.

Choose the Best Sediment Removal, Dewatering and Disposal Processes

Our system excavates and moves below-water sediment to a suction pump and carries it away through hoses and booster pumps. The wet sediment and debris can be “pumped and dumped” or pumped to dewatering bags to be filtered, dried and used for fill dirt. Clean Channel Dredging can include soil disposition as part of our services.

If the big dredgers don’t offer you support, come to us. Whether you want to make waterways more navigable, improve the quality of water for recreation or business, or prolong the use of lagoons and draining ponds, we can help. Clean Channel Dredging can remove sediment and other debris from many locations, including:

•   Channels/Canals •   Marinas
•   Lakes •   Retention/Detention Ponds
•   Rivers •   Golf Course Water Hazards
•   Sand/Shorelines •   Other Applications