As Summer Fades, Autumn is the Time to Clean Up Your Waterfront. Here’s Why.

The summer season saw lots of fun on the Central Texas Highland Lakes. The draw down which occurred early in the year provided opportunity for waterfront homes and business owners to see their waterfront channel and cove bottom areas for the first time in 9 years. Subsequent cleanup efforts paved the way for summer fun.

Hurricane season struck the Texas and Florida Gulf Coast areas hard this year. For those most affected by the storms, waterfront cleanup efforts will most likely take a back seat to other priorities such as property cleanup and reconstruction. For those who were not affected as much, now is the time to begin thinking about cleaning up that waterfront, cove, or channel.

If your waterfront is socked in with vegetation, cleaning it now makes good sense for two reasons. Growth is dormant in the winter months, so the fall cleanup will last through early spring. When growth of aquatic vegetation resumes in the spring, it will not have a substrate to grow in if it has already been removed. Most aquatic plants require three elements for growth: water, light and a substrate of sediment to grow in. Take one of these away, and growth is hindered.

The technology we use is portable, efficient, environmentally friendly, and most of all, very effective. Contact us today to get your waterfront ready for next year. Visit the contact page on this web site and fill out the form, or just call 512-289-0115 for a free, no obligation estimate. Clean Channel Dredging serves inland lakes and shallow coastal waterways from Texas to Florida.