Meeting the Challenge: Retention Ponds at Hill Country Galleria

portable-dewatering-plantOne of our most challenging assignments during Thanksgiving 2016: retention ponds at The Hill Country Galleria. Cleaning out the forebays for three ponds using what we now call the Elephant Trunk adapted to our primary work platform at Clean Channel Dredging.

The system normally uses a horizontal roto-tiller to lift silt and sediment from the bottom of the pond. It then uses a 6″ impeller and suction pump to draw in the sediment and discharge it up on the bank via a 6″ pipe into a mobile dewatering plant where solids are separated from the water. Dry solids are discharged on the bank ready to haul off. Clean water is returned to its source. Although geotubes are often more efficient, this portable dewatering system can be used where it is not feasible to use geotubes.

One of the ponds has a forebay with no access for our floating platform. The forebay is only about 75′ in diameter, but it has steep slopes on three sides and a rock gabion on the pond side. These conditions prevent us from moving our platform into the forebay directly to use the roto-tiller. In this case we removed the roto-tiller and adapted a suction hose assembly to the intake pump. We call it the Elephant Trunk. See photos.

img_1697 img_1698 Photo of Hill Country Galleria dredging project - Austin, TX area

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