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Even Though the Draw Down is Over, You Can Still Get Your Waterfront Cleaned for the Summer

So the Lake LBJ draw down this year was the first one in nine years. It lasted about six weeks, but it did not offer the opportunity we had hoped for removing exposed sediment from your waterfront. This was mostly due to bad weather during the first three weeks of it. Some lucky ones got […]


Meeting the Challenge: Retention Ponds at Hill Country Galleria

One of our most challenging assignments during Thanksgiving 2016: retention ponds at The Hill Country Galleria. Cleaning out the forebays for three ponds using what we now call the Elephant Trunk adapted to our primary work platform at Clean Channel Dredging. The system normally uses a horizontal roto-tiller to lift silt and sediment from the […]


LCRA’s Lake LBJ Draw Down Scheduled for January

As you may know LCRA will draw down Lake LBJ about 4 feet starting January 2, 2017 for six weeks. LCRA is doing this as a service to customers and waterfront homeowners as an opportunity to repair docks & retaining walls, as well as to dredge, remove debris and perform other maintenance work. According to […]